Toot Toot


According to the United States Constitution all men are created equal, but what about the farts created by such men – are their release equally accepted? All farts are not equal. Who the farter is and whom they fart around seem to be a more important factor than the stench that is released. “Silent But Deadly – Farting Across Cultures” by Kirsten Bell tries to depict why some farts appear to be judged less harshly than others; predominately from the female perspective.

The elderly, men, and small children farts evoke relatively little response while female farts, on the other hand, fall at the opposite end of the spectrum. As the article pointed out, there are t-shirts proclaiming “girls don’t fart”. If women perform this natural bodily function, they are instantaneously embarrassed, and receive hostility and attitudes of disgust from those around them, and are shamed. In the reality that I live in, farts produced by men are greeted with laughter, and in some occasions, it’s considered honorable.

The fact that inequalities exists in relation to a natural bodily function- people do not fart because they want to, it is their body making them act that way.

This stems from the way society identifies gender/gender roles and what the role permits you to do in society. These roles all for women to prim, proper, passive (but not pass gas) and submissive.

I am one to reject and ignore arbitrary social boundaries that are based on status, race, ethnicity, and especially gender. One should never be deterred from performing a natural bodily function.