Unique Brains

Brains hold each of our stories. Our pasts. Our identities. They hold our secrets that our friends might not keep. They know our dreams and our tortures. Each person has a different way of thinking. This is based on where they have grown up and their culture. A person that was raised in New York City would view the world differently than someone from Kenya. It has also been studied that each brain is unique. Which helps explain why everyone is different. Even another New Yorker would think differently than the person previously mentioned from New York because of the different wiring in their brains. Every single person in the entire world is wired differently. Human brains work so differently from computers that we can think of them as “alien technology“. Brains are so powerful that each of them is different for more than seven billion people.

Does the wiring between the New Yorkers differ less than the wiring between a New Yorker and the person in Kenya? We now know that each brain is wired differently, but do they differ a greater amount with people in a different culture? It would make sense because they practice the same traditions, live in the same environment, and have similar experiences. Similar wiring is probably also past down through DNA, so for the most part it would stay in a certain region. I would consider this different than parents teaching their children certain biases or lessons because those are not internal wiring, those are taught through experience.

Our brains hold everything we have learned and everything we know. Our brains are us.