“Savage Minds Reader Survey Results Part I: Demographics”

The blog post “Savage Minds Reader Survey Results Part I: Demographics” depicts the ethnicity, age, gender, and educational background of its blog visitors. A total of 430 people responded to the survey over the course of one month, with most of the visitors stating that they were from North America (270 people). It is amazing to me how this group dominated the survey. I expected a higher percentage of people to be from Asia (specifically China and Japan) and Europe, since there are more developed countries in those regions. Perhaps the reason why there were very few readers from these regions is because there are not many people familiar with the site, or perhaps not many people possess the technology they need to access the site. The blog also stated that most of its followers go to the site when they see something interesting on Facebook or other social media sites. This may be a big reason why North Americans account for the overwhelming majority of people who visit Savage Minds. North Americans love social media, especially Facebook, and it is one of the main ways Americans get their news. It is estimated that for every 5 webpage views, 1 was made through Facebook. What did not surprise me was that the age group of the sites most frequent viewers were in their 20s and 30s (32.1 and 37.7, respectively). This is most likely due to the fact that 90% of social-networking Internet users fall between the ages of 18-30.

I think it was clever how Savage Minds conducted an anthropological survey regarding its anthropology blog site! I think to make the survey better and more valid concerning its viewers, there would need to be a lot more than just 430 survey respondents, considering that 31,003 people visit the site, according to Google. There is also a risk that when you put out a survey, people will not answer it truly. To be more precise and have a better understanding of the groups visiting the site, more data must be taken.