Love isn’t always a choice

Cross culturally love is not always seen as a primary goal or worth “striving for.” While in America, we have the Hollywood aspeact of always striving for true love marriage and searching for soul mates, in other cultures such as India  marriage for love have traditionally been forbidden. Arranged marriage is traditionally how marriages are set up by wiser parents. During the last decade love marriages have become increasing more common,the influence of other cultures on India has brought this issue  has lead more “old school” parents voicing in politics. The disagreement of the perspective of marriage by love is damaging family ties and disrupting the idea of “pure” family. this is because of inter caste, inter religious and inter class relationships. This unaccepting nature of the ability to chose a partner is a form of inequality with in the fragmented society and culture.  There is a democratic right as humans  that is becoming lost in the establishment of their culture. Cross culturally this seems a violation of rights in the eyes of western cultures. It is due to the different way in which we act in our cultures. This is similiar to how christmas in the Kalahari is. When an American anthropologist tried to join in the culture and bring a cow which is part of the Kongo Tradition. Although the cow he brought was an excellent cow the way in which he went about it, boastfully, was seen as wrong in the culture in he immediately paid the price. Cross Cultural experiences and traditions are very sensitive and should be looked at through the way in which those of the culture make meaning of them.