Sex Changes and Changing Rooms

This article is written by a woman attempting to gain a better understanding of gender and sex. It may or may not be important to know that this is a woman, who was born with female genitalia. Through the use of anthropology she recognizes why unisex bathrooms are so important for those of us who don’t identify as a neither male nor female, or both. This is the very essence of anthropology. She did not have to grow up a certain way to understand how members of the transgender community feel. The author also attempts to figure out the difference between sex and gender. She comes to the conclusion that sex is somewhat more of what you were born with where as gender is what you identify as. In the article she points out that it is impossible to alter the mindsets for individuals who feel like they were born in the wrong body, what is possible is changing the body that they feel entraps them. Gender and sex is a hugely important thing in anthropology due to the fact that all of us have a sex and most of us assume a gender. By anthropologists attempting to gain a better understanding, it ceases the hate that many people harbor towards the transgender community.