Women as leaders in early Christianity

Female Priest/Angela Wilson

In Christianity woman face many forms of oppression. One sector of Christianity that discriminates against women is the Catholic Church, which does not allow women to be priests. In her article, Women as leaders early Christianity, Rosemary Joyce explains that in early Christianity, there were woman priests. Evidence that women were priests can be seen in an early image,where a women is wearing a stole. A stole is a fabric that is typically worn by priests. Although this image is an ancient, and the ancient images are sometimes hard to interpret, this particular image was carefully documented and interpreted. The Vatican however would disagree and argue/claim that the woman praying is not a priest.

I was raised as a Catholic, and I noticed that there is a bias against women in the church. While women can dedicate themselves to God through becoming a nun they are not able to take a position of power in the church.. A male figurehead runs the pope the Catholic Church. Women have no way of working their way up or becoming a powerful figure in the church. When I was confirmed which is one of the second sacraments I was told that I was a soldier of God. However, the male soldiers of God are deemed more holy being able to take more powerful roles in the Catholic Church. It is sad knowing that females possibly had more power in the Catholic Church and that this power was taken away and oppression was enforced.