The soul of Anime

This post is based off a book review of “The Soul of Anime” written by Ian Condry.  The book offers ethnographical research based information about a group of men that come together in a “collaborative creativity” and strive to execute their anime project.

The main focus for this particular topic of research is the dynamic social relations and the connections between people. However, the article also touches upon important questions like, “what makes anime so different? And why do people care so much about it?”

Ian Condry focuses on working groups, “the act of creativity within the context of the group, and the influence of relationships within that social network. Collaborative creativity defines the social network in terms of what it accomplishes, which makes this markedly different than a study of group identity.”

It is evident here that the application of Anthropology here is to observe the dynamic relationships that exist between a close working group who share a common goal. This data and observation can be taken and applied to work settings to increase group productivity and various other aspects that are vital to success in team projects.