The Gas of them All

Can something that every human being does be embarrassing? At first you might think “of course not because we all do it”, but if you step back and re-think, farting is something that majority of people are very embarrassed about. We all cough, sneeze, and even bleed and those things are all seen as okay. According to Kirsten Bell different cultures do not connect farting with a negative connotation. In fact the way society views a person directly connects to the way they view that person farting. “Certainly, in a North American context, some farts appear to be judge less harshly than others, with the farts of an infant, the elderly, and small children invoking relatively less responses.” Woman on the other hand in are looked down upon when they fart and that’s because women are viewed to be pure and clean individuals. We are taught that we should only fart in our homes or in privacy. The negativity that comes from farting is equivalent to the smell that the fart gives off. There’s no escaping the gas that inflames the room when someone farts and sometimes there’s no way of even telling who did it. But is that the reason why someone should feel so embarrassed? We need to get over ourselves and understand that we all do it. Whether we do it privately or publicly it still happens. Farting is no reason we should put someone down simplify because something they have no control over.