The Boy Who Cried Alien

What is more amazing, the human skeleton or our eagerness to believe in extra terrestrial life? That is what the blog, Aliens and Archaeology discusses. In this blog, the author, Katy Emery addresses how several instances in history are not in fact proof of alien existence, but rather our eagerness to believe in them. She argues that since we have explored, and conquered most of our world, that we need something else to wonder about. We have yet to make strides in the exploration of deep space, so much of what is out there is up in the air. We as humans have a unmatched curiosity which makes us more inclined to wonder about other species in our universe.

However, in this blog post, Emery openly disputes how we sometimes are too quick to jump on the alien bandwagon. She uses two examples to help further her argument, the Paracas Skull and Starchild. Both of these examples are skulls that have been excavated with very abnormal characteristics of their makeup. Both of these skulls are elongated and oddly shaped compared to the normal head. However this is due to the fact that, as she puts it, the human skeleton can change with disease or modified with human intervention. She continues to argue that what is amazing is not our eagerness to believe in aliens, but the pure wonder of the human body, in which I fully agree with her.