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If people are distracted by other things such as electronics that are not promoting reading, how are they to take the time to read and help them improve?

Before reading this article Slow Reading by Carole McGranahan, I already felt as though I don’t read enough or take enough time to read things other than online posts on Facebook and other social media sites. I have felt that this has been a growing problem for me. I even enrolled in an English coursethis semester that would involve reading novels just so I could have something that would force me to take time to read. I find it so unfortunate that this is such a prominent issue and it is worrying that it will continue to get worse.

This article discusses some of the issues that go along with people reading less. The author describes how people now are more wrapped up in electronics and other technology. It is also mentioned how people are now taking more efforts to read less and sometimes newer versions of books are even being sold more due to them being reduced in size and thus making the readers read less.

Because people aren’t being encouraged more to read longer works of writing, it is causing people to get stuck in this rut of putting less time into reading. The article ties all of this together by suggesting that the reason people are writing so poorly may be because they are reading poorly. Being someone who frequently struggles to take time to read for fun, I agree with this and hope people can be more forceful in encouraging people to read more. This looks to be a big problem and there could be a lot of research opportunities to learn more about this problem and not only the issues that it causes but also how to improve them.

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