Raising Awareness

In the past week, one of the/if not the most talked about controversies has been the death of Freddie Gray and the riots that have in ensued in Baltimore as the result of this injustice. Freddie Gray’s unfortunate death came as the result of injuries he obtained while being taken into custody by the Baltimore City Police. The circumstances by which he was arrested under are relatively unknown, however, one thing that has become apparent is that the police brutality toward African Americans is not going unnoticed.

Early this week peaceful protesters seeking justice for Gray and his family filled the streets of Baltimore. These protesters pleaded for change with regards to political and structural violence against the African American and sought justice from the courts, however, they were met with hostility. What once had been a peaceful protest quickly became riots and looting all throughout Baltimore. Baltimore natives were torn by what their neighbors were taking part in and acknowledged that fight and looting would solve nothing but recognized that the media it was receiving was drawing attention to civil rights all over the country. In Radical Faggots’ article, In Support of Baltimore: or ; Smashing Police Cars is Logical Political Strategy, it’s well said that “As a nation, we fail to comprehend Black political strategy in much the same way we fail to recognize the value of black life.” I interpret that as, due to structural and political violence that has oppressed that black community, they must shed light on their situation by a different strategical means. This does not condone the violence and stealing occurred but it means that for the country as a whole it was what they had to do to create awareness and prompt change.