More Then Just a Train Ride

One ride on the New York City train can change your perspective on many things. One thing that is not seen to be so important is language. You get on a train in NYC you will definitely hear multiple languages being spoken by multiple people. One train ride will satisfy your hunger for different languages whether you stay on for 10 minutes or a whole hour. In the article “The World’s Most Linguistically Diverse Location? New York City” Mark Turin states “New York is not just a city where many languages live, it is also a place where languages go to die, the final destination for the last languages of some of the planet’s most critically endangered speech forms.” The issue that many people fail to realize is that the harder it is to maintain the number of languages spoken in NYC the more difficult it will be to connect with other people not from our own cultural backgrounds. Many younger generations of immigrants not from the United States are being pressured to keep these languages thriving, but with fewer and fewer people speaking these languages is a very hard task to complete. The main way to overcome this issue is to embrace and continue teaching others languages that are endangered. Simply by using Google translator or picking up a Spanish English dictionary can help the future of these important languages.