How to Grieve with Mashed Potatoes

In Eating with My Fingers’, How to grieve with Challah Bread, she discusses the significance to Challah bread to her life and how helps her to overcome the grief she feels due to her grandfathers death. This concept interests me and makes me think about in our lab discussions we discussed the significance food had to our lives that were specific to out upbringing.

In reflection, my relationship to the thanksgiving classic, mashed potatoes and stuffing (or filling), is very comparable to that of Challah bread to the author. Growing up in a traditionally Pennsylvania Dutch home, mashed potatoes and stuffing wasn’t necessarily limited to holidays but rather was a comfort food that was served frequently for dinner. As a child this was one of my favorite meals and it was something that i had in common with my paternal great grandfather who, many a night, I fought with for the last portion. In January of 2007, my paternal great grandfather passed away and since then, mashed potatoes and stuffing have reminded me of him. In a lot of ways, my relationship to this meal is similar to our conversations of place and space within anthropology because of the significance the meal has to my life.