How Cats Define Space and Place

This article discusses the role cats play in how we define space in our homes. There are two levels to this article. The first level discusses how humans buying expensive, stylish pieces of furniture for our cats defines how we see ourselves and our homes, as well as defines our relationship with our pets. Expensive material items not only maintains the aesthetic and atmosphere that is perceived by the owner of the home, but also provides entertainment and enjoyment for both the cats and their owners.

Cats are different from dogs because of the way they interact with space around them. Cats are much more limber and nimble than dogs, and they enjoy climbing up into high places as well as curling up into small corners. The way cats interact with the space around them provides entertainment for the humans in a home as well as a new perspective on the meaning of a home. Buying expensive and elaborate furniture for cats can actually help change the way that humans perceive their own surroundings.

For example, for many humans a bookcase is seen merely as a place in which books are stored. This perception can be changed by observing a cat interacting with a bookcase, as they climb up the levels or curl up between books. This completely changed the function of the bookcase and opens up the mind to exciting and entertaining new possibilities.  It shifts how we define a bookcase as a place. The existence of stylish and expensive furniture for cats is not only for the comfort of the cat, but also for the entertainment and aesthetic influence it has over the owner of the cat.