Hot Criminals?

Buff and Busted: Criminalizing Men, was a topic of great interest to me. This blog discusses the power of hegemonic masculinity. The blog mainly focuses on the story of Jeremy Meeks, and how his mugshot ended up all around the internet. This mugshot helped Jeremy achieve internet fame with various woman offering to pay his bail and countless others starting fundraisers for the convict. I believe the convict is being treated in this case with way too much honor for his crimes.

Although I do believe that he used his upper hand to good use I blame not him but those who have supported this man. The people who lend him support are basically saying that it’s quite alright to commit a crime and not receive the proper punishment because your good looks basically excuse you; your good looks justify your inappropriate behavior. The people mostly women, who condone the idea of regarding beauty  above all other have a social responsibility to the rest of the world because it teaches the younger generations that they can basically commit crimes or act in an inappropriate way as long as they are beautiful. Which quite frankly pisses me off because I believe that kids are the future of the world and if we don’t do right by them and teach them ethics then what will the future hold for us.