History Truly Repeats

Police brutality in general has been happening for decades; police brutality against minorities has been something that has caught the attention of millions this past year. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Freddy Gray, and multiple other defenseless African American males have been killed by people in uniform. This has been the catalyst to #BlackLivesMatter and multiple protests and riots going on in our communities today. People are fighting for justice and are confused about how this all could be happening one after another. The only thing that is clear is how corrupt the policing system in the United States is. This is not a problem of blaming one individual. This is a problem rooted in the way the system was created. In the article “The Violence of The Status Quo” Davidson Buck states that “violence created by inequality itself–structural violence…is hidden violence. Hidden, that is, from those with a bit of privilege.” In this specific scenario the people with a bit of privilege would be the black man being killed without really understanding why. But now the truth has been brought to life and everyone understands weather privilege or not privileged that the system itself is the main problem. We as a nation are participating and violence against humanity based on the color of our skin. This might seem familiar, as familiar as slavery. We are not progressing in anyway but only going back to the way things used to be.