Gender in Changing Rooms

I have never felt the need to give gender or sexuality and how they may or may not be connected to each other, much thought. In fact it never crossed my mind because I have grown up in a society where your gender determines not only your sexuality but also your gender role in that particular society. But, now it is also possible to change your gender, thus also making it possible to get assigned a new gender role. These concepts and beliefs were easily accepted by me because I never thought to question against it until I came across a blog by Elizabeth P. Challinor called, Sex changes and changing rooms.

Elizabeth P. Challinor discusses how gender and sexuality are regarded in this modern society. In her blog Elizabeth states, “A few weeks later, I was having breakfast listening to the news on a nationwide radio and my ears popped up (or at least they would have, if I were a rabbit) when I heard a journalist introduce a piece on “gender changes.” A doctor was interviewed who stated that it was not possible to change minds but it was possible to change bodies.” This line from her blog stood out to me because I was able to understand it to mean that now it is okay for and quite possible to have a sex change because it has become oh so very mainstream.