Cinderella in the Big Tournament

There are few things that you would expect to hear sports compared too, especially a Disney character. However this is now a common occurrence in NCAA March Madness, when lower ranked teams make it far in the tournament, they are referred to as Cinderella’s. While listening to sports stations talk about march madness, you may hear the terms, sweet sixteen, Cinderella story, or the Big Dance said several times. After hearing all these terms, you may ask why NCAA men’s basketball is being feminized, well Matt Thompson, the author of the blog Cinderella at the Big Dance has a few ideas on why this is. There are several elements in the tournament that are easily comparable to a school dance. For instance when teams are trying to be selected for a high seed in the tournament, they are trying to be as appealing as possible to the committee, just like girls are trying to appeal to potential suitors at a dance. Also the term Cinderella is a very comparable tale to that of a low seed in the tournament. Having to overcome adversity and harsh conditions to make to the top, is easy to compare to Cinderella, who did not exactly have the easiest time making it to her big dance. Although it is suppose to be a very masculine game, one cannot help but acknowledge the many feminizing nicknames and characteristics of the Big Dance which Matt Thompson is referring too.