Backyard Warfare

At the state level, the United States’ reaction to ISIS calling upon their “Brothers residing in America” (NYPost) through the Hitlist was executed on several of different levels. First and foremost, the 100 current and former U.S. Armed Forces personnel who were targeted on the Hitlist received increased security to ensure their safety and that of their families. While it is an expensive and labor-intensive measure, additional security is a necessary action because the servicemen and women identified on the Hitlist inhabit 23 states and 54 different cities across America. If ISIS followers and sympathizers mobilized and took action, it could produce devastation and casualties for the United States on the scale of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the towers of the World Trade Centers, but it would also call into question the United States government’s intelligence and ability to protect it’s own people. This becomes especially scary when considering the soldiers that ISIS is calling upon are U.S. citizens. In The counter Jihad Report’s, Senior female ISIS agent unmasked and traced to Seattle, it’s clearly stated senior members of this terrorist group can be found in our backyard.  When considering national security, ISIS cannot be underestimated as they have proven their ability to create chaos within the United States through acts of blood shed such as the beheading of American journalists and Christians. Although those acts occurred outside of the United States, the impact of a potential attack on United States soil would effect the national psyche and heighten security, comparably to a post-September 11th America especially if we are forced to fight combat them within the country because they’re U.S. citizens.