This article talks about the way mobile apps are used for medical practice and how they are growing in popularity. Many of these apps are used to track fitness. Most people who own mobile phones have a heath car e app on their phones. Many hospitals are using apps in daily practices some places even require students to have tablets so they can you the apps while practicing in the field. Mobile health care has many advantages such as keeping up with prescriptions and keeping in contact with you health care provider.

The culture of today’s society relies on modern technology. The mobile phone has been such a prominent force in the culture of today’s society. We are so infatuated with these technologies we let them do everything for us. These apps make peoples every day lives simpler, bringing popularity and need for these apps. These apps bring meaning to the users phones giving a different meaning to the phone with each device. When you use your phones to text and then to track your heath the meaning for the device changes. One device can bring so much meaning to a persons life that it became entrenched in todays modern society.