American Football v.s British Rugby



As Americans, we love our sports. We love the masculinity of a hard tackle in football or check in hockey. We love that nostalgic sound of the bat cracking against the ball and the anticipation to see if it’ll go the distance and score a home run. We love winning and we love doing better. But the NFL is a very unique pastime here in the U.S. Lets take a look at it’s British Equivalent: Rugby.

Like any sport, Rugby is very masculine. There are several key differences in comparison with American football. First the ball is significantly larger and can awkward to hold and run with at times. Second we don’t use pads or helmets in Rugby. Third the ball can only be thrown behind you, not in front. And finally, the biggest difference is that the game does not stop.

In American football, after every play (or as soon as the ball hits the ground) the clock is stopped. In Rugby, after a player is tackled, he must release the ball and the game continues without stoppage. One must be able to play offense and defense at any time.

So which one is better? The traditional American way? Or the fast-paced British way? You decide!