To find out what is really going on

“There is much more going on in China than just economic development.” As a developing country with largest population and rapid economic development, China has drawn attention from the rest of the world, especially the western developed countries. Economic development, reckless corruption, brutal political oppression, and widely pursuits of individualism and materialism have been addressed in many subjects, from political science to sociology. The researches help others know what is really going on in new China. In addition, from an anthropological perspective, the research of new China in chasing fortune, faith and truth also have significant meanings. Anthropology is the combination of cultural, historical, and individual research, and is related to everything in life. In the book “Age of Ambition”, the author Evan Osnos spent a lot of time living in Beijing with local people and travelling throughout the country. To see the reality of a particular society and analyze why that appears, the fieldwork is necessary. To interact with people helps the author build a deeper and further insight of present-day China and compare it with US where the author lives to see whether there are similarities and differences.

Osonos also mentions some very colorful portraits and figures such as Ai Weiwei and Han Han. They are both well-known artists with lots of controversy. They represent two different generations of China, having different characteristics. They “elaborate on the different cultural and political perceptions of what it means to be a dissident or an activist in the West and in China. ” Individual is not only about personal images, but also reflects the period when they are living. Individual is part of the world and can influence the society.