Understanding the state of environments around the world is important. With this knowledge, it can help people understand how to better care for our ecosystems as well as the organisms living in them. One subject this article touches upon is how proof is needed to support how sharks are being affected during this time. With people being careless about what they catch and focusing more on the attraction and how to keep it popular, of course sharks among other species of marine animals are having trouble.

Fishing for sport and to attract customers is something that is mentioned in this article. One of the fishermen mentioned in the article stated that one reason why they catch sharks is because other marine species are not around during that time and that the customers still want to have the experience and “…want their photo taken with the big sharks” (Nason). Because my future career will hopefully involve studying animals, especially marine animals, I can’t help but be concerned as information such as this still pops up now where people are focusing more on the industry then the actual needs of the ocean. I am still hopeful that because people are aware of these problems, this information is being spread to other people however, who knows how long it may take to figure out completely especially if proof is needed as brought up in this article. The author did mention using anthropology for things such as understanding how people view the ocean. This could be very helpful as it would be useful to be able to figure out people’s opinion of the ocean and thus their opinion of the species living in it.

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