Marrying for love is normal in the United States; unfortunately, not every culture is so open to this concept. In India, it is seen as a big threat to their traditional ways. The parents are supposed to choose a spouse for their child because they claim to know their child better than anyone, and consider themselves wise enough to pick a suitable companion. Marrying for love has been more common as the years go on, but it is opposed by the traditional Indian families. The parents’ reasoning for forbidding this is because they believe that it is violates their cultural religion. To some people, love matches are seen as degeneration.The traditional parents of India do not want these marriages to occur because they are afraid of inter-class and inter-religious relationships that would tarnish the purity of their family. To try to prevent their children from interacting with unsuitable partners, they set rules as to with whom they are allowed to socialize with and even go as far as to control the way they dress.

Tradition is very important in cultures because it allows for diversity. Also, it preserves important history and practice. But forcing someone to marry another does not fit with modern society. People should have a choice in who they marry because at the end of the day, they have to go home to that person and they should be happy to go home to the person they love. It is true that people can grow to love someone over time, but will they love them as much as someone they were meant to be with? It is understandable to want the parents to like who they choose to marry, but  it should not be solely their decision. Tradition is ultimately going to lose in the battle of love.