Lack of support for social sciences

In the article We need more mainstream social science, not less the author discusses the lack of development for social sciences. Natural sciences “are doing 96% better than the social sciences “ because “they receive 96% more funding”. Out of the 5.5 billion dollars from Congress to spend on research 4% of it was spent on social sciences. Much larger percentages were spent on areas such as biological sciences, engineering, math and physical sciences, and Geosciences. More funding obviously allows certain subjects to develop more and social sciences “have always been seen as secondary to sciences witch more directly serve federal goals”. The social sciences are also accused of not developing enough overtime, but the author argues that social sciences seem like they are not developed as much as natural sciences because they are nowhere near as old. There is also fear that the lack of funding will cause research in several social sciences to stop.

The lack of funding and public support for social sciences is incredibly unfortunate. Social sciences, such as Anthropology or Sociology, cause people to think about other societies and the reasoning behind what they do. A more public support/ discussion of social sciences would cause people to think about living in a very large world with many different people, instead of thinking of their culture as “right” and others as strange.