Cows: Mans Best Friend?


There is the question of whether or not dogs should be given the title of “man’s best friend.” According to Larry Stout’s article, “Forget cats and dogs, cows are our best friends”, cows are more important than domesticated pets. Cows have provided humans with meat, milk, clothing, fuel and weapons for thousands of years. Having cattle is seen as being practical, whereas having a domesticated house pet is often seen as the complete opposite. In different parts of the world, cows is associated with power, wealth, and religion.

Throughout the world there are different versions of “cow culture.” The relationships between humans and cows originated in the Mediterranean. In ancient Mesopotamia and Persia, bull horns were symbols of power, and would also occasionally be used as decorations in tombs. In other areas, cows were so sacred that they had their own burial chambers. In some cultures, they were used as sacrifices for feasts. The Egyptians showed warriors wearing helmets with horns on them to demonstrate strength. In other cultures, deities have been shown riding in a cart pulled by a bull. To Hindus, the cow is seen as a sacred part of their culture. In other areas of life, such as in US sports, cows are used to represent power and status. Cows are also seen as aiding people in their economic status. Cattle can be used to promote investments as well as used as trade, which can guarantee funds for families and businesses. Cows are present and a very intricate part of many cultures and ways of life.

Cows demonstrate the “triple threat:” they have economic and cultural power as well as exhibiting practicality. They would have to be one of the most diverse animals living. Even though having a cow is considered to be economically practical, it is not very practical at all. Having a dog or a cat may not be economically practical but they are amazing companions. I am going to have to say my parents are not going to let that one fly. However, even though cows cannot provide companionship like dogs and cats can, they are still an intricate part of this culturally diverse planet.