Plastic Thoughts on Disaster

Karen Holmberg describes a September 21, 2014 event in which 310,000-400,000 people marched through the streets of New York City under the organization to “create a sense of urgency” surrounding the issue of Climate Change which was about to be brought of for discussion at the UN. The people came from all different backgrounds; families, labor unions, science groups, and even LGBTQ groups.

According to Holmberg, the level of fossil fuels being consumed the reliance on plastics are “unsustainable”. Marches such as these and the summit at the UN aim to have reduction goals by 2020 and start to limit deforestation in the mean time.AnthroNews-Holmberg-Krakatau-DSC00530-plastics-and-new-lava-426x320

This description is juxtaposed with the description of the authors recent trip to Indonesia along the beach near the once Krakatau Volcano the island is starting to regrow. However tangled within all the beauty of the beach there are pieces of trashes everywhere. She could only see types of plastic; bottles, spray bottles, disposable razors, shampoo bottles, tampon applicators, etcetera. She continued to think of this during the march, but could not help but notice that there was garbage thrown everywhere from the people marching through the streets. She says this is part of the global problem.

The author thought about her experiences that fall and wondered if the Krakatau volcano could be used as a metaphor for what is happening with our current environment. Instead of bodies and rocks washing up on shore, however, it is the plastics which will eventually end up in our food chain.