Lingua Franca Freakin’ Me Out

A universal language is threating. What is it threatening? What some say is that a universal language would, and has already, diluted other cultures and languages due to the Anglicism of the world market. As the example on Montreal is used a clear argument is presented. There is however, a counterargument; that the Lingua Franca English is different then any other type of English and has it’s own grammar and rules. If this is true then a threat may be smaller due to the fact that everyone would be learning the same Lingua Franca. There is though, the distinctive advantage for persons who already speech English and therefore those that don’t are now on the fringes. If this is applied to the world market then companies that don’t have someone who speaks Lingua Franca English are at a disadvantage. This disadvantage would then spread down further into the society in which that city is a part of, creating a system on with less access to resources. What are your thoughts on the problem?


One thought on “Lingua Franca Freakin’ Me Out

  1. I believe that you make an excellent point about the inequality within learning Lingua Franca English. Although Lingua Franca English may have different “rules” and grammatical patterns than our native English, we are still at an advantage because for most of us, English is our first language. I think that this is just the reason why a universal form of English is being taught more and more internationally. In terms of business, it is easier to discuss topics when there is no language barrier. English has become that common ground, and those who can speak the international English are ever in high demand.

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