Culture like Relativity

On the Neuroanthropology blog there was a post titled Culture like Relativity.  It used the metaphor of Einstein’s theory of relativity and compared it with culture.  What Einsteins theory contained was that gravity, not being a force, warps space and time.  Just like  how culture warps space and time for people.  Different cultures experience their space and time differently.  American culture is steeping having space with all of your possessions being expansive and large.  Whereas European culture is about the opposite.  They have condensed living spaces, especially in places like Paris, and they have smaller cars than we do.  These factors warp, not only our thinking but, who we are as people and how we come to view our culture. In the blog post there is a comparison between Anthropology and Physics where physics works on one plane and Anthropology works with many different societies.  Anthropologists have many different different places that they can look so Anthropologists, “have to take relativity one step further.”  So culture is more of a warping mechanism than a force and it’s something that warps us to whichever way of thinking.  This can be said for people who are bi-cultural or bilingual.  When speaking a different language the same people will highlight different factors about themselves.  Is this not a culture warping a persons thoughts?  People are not explicitly pushed because the cultural forces were not present when the bi-cultural studies where done, it was in a controlled environment.  This means that culture can warp our ways of thinking.  With that in mind we can dispel a classification system of anthropology and move more towards looking at the warping that culture does to us.