Cultural Evolution As Dialect

The blog post by John Hartigan Cultural Evolution As Dialect.  This post talks about how anthropology itself is evolving as culture does.  He mentions how cultural evolution is, “basically on how not to think about culture.”  which sounds counter intuitive.  What would make sense is that cultural evolution is about how cultures change by stimuli from the environment and how they accommodate that change.  The main idea is that, just like a dialect, the evolution of our species and our culture has changed.  Those changes have impacted our health as a species.  There are certain accounts that have said that evolution should not be a frame with which we use in the modern day.  Hartigan even says that, “how we understand culture is shifting,”  and it is evolving into a different way that we will analyze culture.  Fuentes talks about niche making or “place-making,” within our bodies and our surrounding ecologies.  Bearing this in mind, as the niches that we create change and evolve forcing changes in our environment.  Culture and evolution are inexplicably intertwined.  The culture of our species has shaped our evolution from primitive apes into something more refined.  But the essence of what evolution is can be described as the how culture shapes it to become something new.