Boy Drinks

Who would’ve thought that the beverages we drink could be influenced by sexist undertones?Sexism in Beer – Seriously, Stop Being Stupid, by Literature and Liberation, describes how misogyny is incorporated into branding and the sale of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverage companies market beers and liquor for men with images of attractive, young and sometimes scandalous women hanging all over the men that consume that beverage. This tactic is designed to empowered the male buyers and give them the impression that with this beer or liquor they will be the irresistible stud on the label or in the commercial who is surrounded by desirable women. Tactics like these reinforce this idea of misogyny and gender roles in that they imply women are simpleminded and exist to serve men.

“The alcohol is an industry where hedonism to the point of embarrassment is built-in to the business model. But that doesn’t mean we get to shrug accountability because it’s an “industry thing.” In fact, because the product we support contains inhibition-loosing adjuncts, we have more responsibility than other industries to remain professional and poised. It should be our goal to act like good human beings at all times, social posturing and levels of consumption be damned. It’s 2015 and we’re part of a modern, inclusive groundswell. Act like it. Be progressive, not regressive” (Literature and Liberation).

A valid point can be derived from this article: for something with such important social influence such as alcohol, when will we take this seriously? People will purchase alcohol because its more or less a worldwide pastime, when can we advertise it to everyone equally? The danger of associating alcohol with willing women, and its relationship with rape-culture, further objectifies women and casts them in a role that is both seductress, submissive, and representative of success in our culture.