Freedom to Love

In the article, The Freedom to Love, A.R. Vasavi discusses the meaning of love in the context of marriage. Love and marriage are treated in different ways cross-culturally. Vasavi focuses on India where there is a shift from the traditional practice of arranged marriages to Indians having the ability to choose someone on their own. Vasavi makes it clear that there is no right or wrong way to decide marriage and that it is a process. In the United States, it would be unheard of for people not to have the freedom to choose who they want to marry. Americans believe that people must spend time in a relationship before making the decision to spend the rest of their life with that person. Indians have had arranged marriages in the past because they believe that parents are more apt to make the decision and that the children are too young and naive to be able to choose who they want to marry.

Vasavi uses the term Hindutva which is the movement to bring back traditional practices. Many Indian parents are angered by the recent push for their children to have the freedom to find someone for their self and are accustomed to their cultural views which include arranged marriages. When Indians choose to marry those from a different religion or ethnicity to them, there is backlash sometimes from their family and from organizations such as India People’s Party. These organizations seek to restore tradition because it is what they believe is right. Vasavi ends the article by stating that there is much inequality in India stemming from this conflict of arranged marriages.