Lamilly vs. Barbie

Children play with toys in order to use their imagination and create their own scenarios, like Barbie. However, there is a new doll that has realistic proportions named Lamilly. The article “Why Lamilly Won’t Last”, by Elizabeth Chin, discusses why this new doll will not last long. People argue that Barbie has unrealistic beauty and body standards that negatively influences children. I agree with the article in that Barbie should be the least of people’s worries. With all of the things shown on TV and in our society, dolls are hardly influential. I do think that it is a good idea to create a doll that does have more realistic qualities than Barbie, but that is something that appeals more to parents rather than to children. When I played with Barbie as a child I never had the desire to look or be like her. Barbie has been around for quite a long time now, and the conflict between Barbie and body image has been brought up pretty recently. Barbie has not been a problem in the past, so what changed? I believe that the increased use of social media is the main cause of unrealistic body standards. Putting the blame on a doll that has been around since 1959 is not a solution to this growing problem. Not all owners of Barbie dolls use them to play dress up and give makeovers. Many of my friends (and in the article) would cut of Barbie’s hair and take their heads off. Even if Lamilly does become popular, I do not think that will change the way people think about body image.