Love and the Absorption of Western Media

“The Freedom to Love” by A.R. Vasavi is an article that tackles the recent love movement in India, where a large portion of the youth have started to forgo traditional arranged marriage in order to pursue love based ones. The movement was sparked by the import of Western media which heavily emphasizes the idea of love between couples above the love of one’s family. The movement has been met with staunch resistance from conservative groups who believe that marriage for love erodes traditional Indian values such as the caste system or the idea that parents know best.

Vasavi is concerned that the love movement has taken attention away from more important issues such as the worsening state of the Indian democratic system, as well as the issues facing minorities within the country. As conditions in India worsens, seemingly petty issues such as “love” detract from what needs to be done. However, the love movement has gained so much traction because it personally effects the protesting citizens. They feel as though their personal rights have been disregarded because western media has influenced what they want in their lives. Allowing more flexibility with marriage would certainly take the movement down a few notches, and allow for different concerns to come up. If activists want something to be done, they may wish to show the youth more western media. In recent decades, the West has been concerned with helping the impoverished, and has taken a keen interest in the inequalities effecting minorities. If the youth of India is intent on absorbing western ideas, putting emphasis on these movements may get them engaged, and ready to use these ideas in their own home country.