Lingua Franca English, qu’est-ce que!

Samuel Victor blog called Lingua Franca English, qu’est-ce que!, focuses on how English swears are used by non English speaking people in order to express words that are not in their language. It touches on the fact that in Canada there are many English speaking communities that result in the flow of English comes from. It also talks about how french is involved in business and how it’s incorporated in the world. It also goes on to discusses how linguistically there is a tug of war between the two languages with in the city of Montreal. Then goes on to explain how English is a very dominant language that and is a lead contender in globalization.

Anthropologically, it is interesting to look at the conflict of language dominance in a sense, seeing that language is such a huge part of culture as well as ways of living. Languages are very influential when it comes to the development of human beings and the culture that they live in. The battle for linguistic dominance is an on going fight that is hardly thought about by people all over the world.