Turning Old Spaces into New Places

A Silo Session in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo New York has been a dead town for quite some time. It is a crime and poverty ridden city with abandoned structures abound. But according to Samantha Kittenger, Buffalo is coming back to life. In her article Buffalo’s Revival, Kittenger discusses how a new generation of young art students have been moving in and improving the city. The new locals are bringing bakeries, cafes, bookstores and even more importantly, new culture.  These new locals have begun taking old spaces and turning them into new places in a form of upcycling. They take old buildings and add their own importance to them, such as the mills used for weekly arts get-togethers.

The new locals of Buffalo are addressing the fact that the abandonment of Buffalo began its shift from a place to a space. As the old locals left, they took the meaning the city had with them, and left behind a space of crime and despair. By adding their own culture to old spaces, the new locals are creating new places that give the city a way to regain some of its old glory. It’s a large task, and the only way to make Buffalo an even better place is to continue to movement of new and positive culture into the city.