The Comfort of Things

What are your most valuable possessions? Some people might say they value things that have meaning to them. Others might say they value something because it cost a lot of money or because it is the most useful. The article “The comfort of Things”, by Erin B. Taylor, discuses the book called “The Comfort of Things” written by Daniel Miller. This book states that our possessions improve our relationships with other people. In this day, it is all about mass consumption and owning everything. However, when Erin Taylor returned to Australia after travelling in Chile with hardly any possessions, she realized that she did not miss the stuff she owned. This article summarizes three different chapters of the book about the possessions of three different people. The first one is about a man who lives alone with the most basic furniture and no decorations. I think that this is a sad way to live, especially since the author says that he did not have any friends or family. The next part is about a family at Christmas time. Their Christmas tree shows memories through the decorations that remind them of their ancestors. This is an example of how people value possessions with meaning. The third one is about a man who travels a lot, so most of his possessions are in storage. His “home” is his laptop and his “home address” is his email. These three examples show different lifestyles through what people value the most.