Love Yourself

Loving ones self is the ultimate goal and such a beautiful thing to do. This is when you find out who you really are as a person. The troubles you’ve faced, opportunities taken and conquering obstacles thrown at you. Through all of this you’ve finally figured yourself out. This is just the first step because you want to achieve and strive to do better. What better way to do better than self-motivation? It is this, loving oneself where a person can do more. Along the way you will show others the way to love themselves and start to make an impact in their lives. This will create positivity and you can apply to anything to not only better yourself but also others. In the field of anthropology this can be applied to better lives when you go abroad to study. Bring positivity to the area you spend your time and help lives move forward than fall down and crumble. One person does have the power to help change the world and it will only start with them loving for who they are. Then they can make a change with one person at a time. This is the ultimate goal.



5 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. I really like this post!!! I think it is very relevant in today’s society. Today we see too many people not taking the time to love themselves, and thus becoming somewhat depressed. I completely agree with the fact that if we can love ourselves, then others will follow our footsteps and learn to love themselves as well. I believe this idea is key in modern society.

  2. I really enjoy reading this post. I think that espeically in today’s society it is important that people remember to ‘love themseleves’. Society puts a lot of pressures on people to look a certain way and to act a certain way and many people get caught up in this whole ideal. People lose themselves in the process of trying to fit a “mold” society wants them to fit, or be a certain way other people want them to be.

    I think this article could touch on why loving yourself is so important, and how loving oneself can be beneficial to not only their mental health, but how your life is lived. It is important to remember that there are many factors that play into our daily lives and we must be able to sectionalize situtations/things/and people in order to learn that we can love ourselves, and we must love ourselves.

  3. I enjoyed this post a lot because it helped me to understand what it means to love yourself from an anthropological standpoint. I feel like in today’s society everywhere that we go, whether its on social media sites, or in our everyday environment can a be overwhelming factors that make people feel that they are not good enough. These pressures to want to be like someone else can confuse a person into thinking it may lead to happiness. Body image is a tough topic for many people today especially because people often forget that there is more than one standard of beauty and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Women for example may think that need to be a size 0 to beautiful when in reality they really don’t have to. In the process of thinking this is the way one needs to be, people will often forget who they are and not love themselves.

  4. I definitely agree with what it is the writer of the blog says, and just kind of goes to show that sometimes the old can be incorporated with the new. Your blog entry allowed me to be able to reflect
    the real world application of anthropological methods by seeing how trends are in started or are broadcasted in the world. It was definitely also very interesting to read.

  5. This is a great article, which I really relate to! If you love yourself you’re confident and you value yourself and other people in a positive way. This allows you to do more and accomplish more. Negativity will only stop you from doing things and valuing people. On the other hand, positivity and eliminating the negatives things in live are incredibly important to make you a happier person. Some of the greatest leaders in our history were confident and positive. For example Martin Luther King was confident and positive. He led the civil rights movement. Gandhi was thoughtful and positive and he helped to make India a free state. These leaders show that confidence and positivity are how things get done.

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