My Take on Fast Writing Ethnography in the Digital Age

Carole McGranahan’s blog post called Fast Writing: Ethnography in the Digital Age, focuses on the idea of fast moving stories and mentions a current event that was very recent. It seems the idea of the blog, is that with today’s technology, creating or writing an ethnography has become faster in pace. While most article are researched and take time to find the true meat of a story, with the internet it has become easy to gain information. The author brought up how they had to write an article about Michael Brown in Ferguson and how challenging it was to write about it because   by the time they created a draft, the Ferguson story reached a point of media saturation. They also talked about how it was hard to keep pace with technology and the different emerging columns that kept coming out.

Anthropologically it is true that technology is changing the way that we do things in the world and anthropology won’t avoid the incoming wave. As a matter of fact I think that it will change the most,  and will make anthropologically information more accessible.