Time for our pets to have jobs too

“Dogs, a man’s best friend” they say, but in actuality why? Pets in general, besides being something you can talk at, play with, and maybe keep you some company, are there any other uses? In this post the author gives the idea of putting your pets to good use while at home all day. The author mentions an invention of a rechargeable humidifier that doubles as a cat toy. The author then goes on to propose the idea of having a way to create energy through the wagging of a dogs tail. Will this ever be successful? Will it be a business?

Household animals become part of the family quicker than anyone would ever think. But the idea of putting the animals to work, simply by having fun, or doing something that comes naturally is a brilliant idea that I’m surprised hasn’t been a bigger success. Dogs and cats alike are an investment, you buy food, take time to walk/clean up after them, your pet is a commitment and it wouldn’t be such an awful idea to maybe put them to work, without really putting them to work. There are animals all over the world, even here in the United States that do manual work, but creating an opportunity for household pets to contribute to the household as a whole is something that can really benefit the owners and the community at large. Saving energy is important so why not invest in a product that keeps your animal entertained and also saves you money?


One thought on “Time for our pets to have jobs too

  1. I think that the idea of putting household pets to work, without really making them work, is a great idea. As an environmental science major I am always curious and interested in discovering new ways to get alternative energy sources so something like being able to harness the power of a dog’s tail sounds great. I agree that we do invest a lot of money into our household pets so being able to use them to save energy is just another way they could give back to us. I would definitely invest in devices like these that can put my pets to use because in the long run I believe that it would help and I think more people should invest their time into finding new and clever ways to save energy and money.

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