The Writing Process

The writing process is something that people have multiple different ways of executing. Peer review is something that gives the writer an opportunity to hear from others what they feel needs improvement, what they like, and dislike about the piece. Teachers use this as a way to help students get a new prospective on their writing and allow them to get comfortable letting others read their writing. Students, from my experience, really benefit from peer review and usually continue to use the tactic as they continue to write.

I believe that peer review is a really great way to improve your writing and I feel as though it gives me as a student a different way to look at things. The blog post poses a question of whether or not the process of peer review is one that is helpful or affective. I believe the peer review is an affective way to teach and an even more affective way to help improve writers, writing. Sometimes in order to move forward you have to have a new set of eyes review the work. Being objective is something that many people are unable to do to their own work. The only way to truly know if your point, stance, or opinion gets across to the reader is to have someone else look at the work. Although many students when introduced to this kind of review are hesitant, almost all really benefit from someone else’s opinions.


2 thoughts on “The Writing Process

  1. I would have to disagree with this post for a few reasons. Although I understand that peer editing and peer-reviewing are beneficial I do disagree with its main purpose. I do not understand how someone who is at the same writing level as you will be able to give you beneficial advice on how to better your own writing. Only certain people can do that and I believe that those people are people with more writing experience. I want to become a teacher myself and I do not think I will partake in the process of peer editing because I feel like it’s my job to better my students writing and not students jobs to better other students writing.

  2. I do agree with this post in that peer reviews are a good way to get more insight and a different way to look at things. However, in my experience, I have never really benefited from peer reviews. Either my peers do not take it seriously, or they just do not care about the work of other classmates. I would rather have my teachers tell me what they like and dislike since they are the ones who will be giving me the grade.

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