You are Not Really Alone

Most people may believe that the city has way too many people and that’s it’s too hectic to live in. But most fail to realize that living in a city can surprisingly be the loneliest place to live. Individuals can easily become lost within the large morning crowds of school children, business personal, construction workers, and early morning shoppers. To escape it all, it is easy to duck your head down and avoid the eye contact on the subway as stated by Erin B Taylor in her analysis, “Alone in the city: How we create personal space in the madding crowd”.

Living in a big city all my life, I have tried to duck the casual conversations from tourists and natives of the New York City area. I have failed. I am not antisocial but the city environment gives me the opportunity to be alone, but still enjoy the sense of safety being surrounded by people gives me. Yes city people move fast and usually seem too busy to be stopped, but many fail to realize how much a city can be seen as a large family. Take the Boston Marathon for example; stranglers bonded together to support victims, and their families. People that would usually just pass by each other formed a bond that lead to a state wide family feel.

For anyone who comes to live in the city or just visit it can be a very overwhelming experience. But the excitement that comes when people realize how much energy city life has is very rewarding.