Toilet Culture


Different cultures have different practices when it comes to sanitation. As result of this, some sanitation practices that are acceptable in one culture may be considered inappropriate or rude in a different culture. This is the case with Japan and Taiwan. In Taiwan, the toilet paper is not soluble, so the customary method of discarding toilet paper is through a trash bin.  Another reason the Taiwanese discard their toilet paper in this way is because of the lack of sewers. While building sewers Taiwan could reduce garbage and odors, the cost of treating sewage lines would then increase, so it has not yet been done. The Japanese on the other hand are known for their scrupulous hygiene. Thus the Japanese are shocked by Taiwanese toilet culture. The Japanese in the more popular tourist locations for the Taiwanese have put up signs asking them to flush the toilets instead of placing the toilet paper in bins. Just as it is in the U.S. , the only products that the Japanese place into the bins are feminine hygiene products

It might be impractical for the Taiwanese to install sewage lines at this moment, however I think the Taiwanese tourists should do their best to respect hygienic practices In Japan. While the Taiwanese might not necessarily be used to the Japanese method of disposing toilet paper, they should try to familiarize themselves with it, since it is polite to respect the customs of others while abroad.