The Hipster

This article explored a group in society known as hipsters. The article defines one of the typical hipsters as wearing tight jeans and flannel shirts, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, listening to Belle and Sebastian on their iPod, shopping at open-air markets, and having messed up styled hair. The hipster has had a great struggle in society, dying down and rising, and being ridiculed by society, such as in the television show The Simpsons. The hipsters reveal a culture in themselves due to the fact that they are not only found in America, but also in Helsinki, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Berlin, and London.

With this widespread of the hipster one would think that they are widely accepted, but it is quite the opposite. Hipsters, who walk around critiquing consumer culture when they themselves have created a consumer culture with the clothes they wear, are highly hated in many places. They are so hated in some places, Berlin for instance, that Berlin recently had a movement to expel hipsters and tourists from public spaces. Most of society has a general sarcastic hate for hipsters, joking around about how too mainstream something is for the hipster, but this movement in Berlin shows pure hatred. Maybe it is time for society to listen to the hipster and understand their ways of dressing and living. Through this maybe we can understand them and find less hatred for this reoccurring hipster culture. But until that time comes, I hope that all hipsters continue to not follow the trends or become mainstream like the rest of society. – Paul Mullins