The Evils of the World Cup

Gooooaaaalllll! The 2014 victory World Cup in Brazil has just came to an end with its victor Germany walking away with the cup. I am sitting on my couch thinking “wow this World Cup must have brought so much revenue to Brazil.” I see all these people on television in the stands cheering with their happiest faces on and chanting as if they were in a cult.

Throughout the World Cup the Brazilian people are throwing festivals and parties on the streets, yet their seems to be a dark side to the World Cup in Brazil that people watching from their homes and cheering in the stands are oblivious to. The fact that all the money that the World Cup brought in is not going to its people, but into the pockets of the rich and high ranking officials of the country. FIFA is part of a overall big business establishment that does not help the actual people of Brazil, who should be reimbursed for injuries and deaths, does not help the poor or those who have been evicted. The situation they are put in causes the people to revolt and tag on the walls “FIFA go home.” Looking at FIFA from the prospective of the Brazilian people we see that the big business of FIFA is polluting and destroying the profit of Brazil. Using up the tax money of the people to fund the building of the World Cup stadium ends up just taking away from the people and their way of living. The once beautiful Brazil and its wonderful people are left in bad economic condtitions Cristina Rocha