In the post by Savage Minds user Kerim, the author begins by writing about a post by Paul Krugman that “argues that economists and policy makers have deliberately mystified the current economic situation for political reasons and that the solution to our current woes is actually very simple: we need more government spending to boost demand. He plays off the above Mencken epigram, saying “For every simple problem there is an answer that is murky, complex, and wrong.”  The author then compares this “economic fear mongering” to “the role of culture in Ebola fear mongering”.

The author highlights that in a recent interview “medical anthropologist Theresa MacPhail she criticizes that “horrible and racist Newsweek” cover story on Ebola for the way it blames the spread of the disease on African “culture.”

The author then moves on to how when viewed together, these are examples of how journalists willingly make out economy to be complex while treating culture as a set of practices and beliefs which once identified need no further explanation.

This prods the author to talk more about their “observations on complexity and public anthropology/economics”. These are presented in note form and the one most interesting to me as an anthropology student was when the author writes that while the tools used by both mathematicians and anthropologists are foreign to the common man, there is more willingness in accepting translating human behavior into math than anthropological jargon.

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