One More Game

In an interview with Natasha Dow Schüll the study of addiction is discussed and its applications outside of drugs and public health issues examined. Consumer interfaces and technology such as online gambling, social media, and apps are all less obvious forms of addiction. These interfaces are unlike drugs in that they are easily accessible by all ages and can be abused quickly, frequently, and without regulation. Natasha Dow Schüll says that the people in the world of game and app design don’t see themselves as in the business of producing addiction. However, in the fast paced society we live in it is easy for one to resonate with the wanting of the “reward” that is often just a click-away. This article examines the concept of implementing government regulation on the amount of hours that one is allowed to spend on online gambling and other interfaces such as Facebook. I believe that the introduction of a regulative body would be refuted and instead bring more attention to such addictive contemporary experiences.

“Solving the algorithm” of why technologically advanced cultures are transfixed with these interfaces? Is perhaps not as important as the impact downloadable apps/games are having on the younger generations. Even hospitals are changing the way in which they pacify children in waiting and recovery rooms; often providing the child with an Ipad to “keep him or herself entertained”. I fear that too many parents are not regulating the amount of time that their child or children are playing videogames.