My Take On: Small town parades, chocolate medals and Washing up

In the PopAnthro blog post, the author starts out depicting a scene from a parade, then uses what is said in the midst of the parade to begin anthropologically analyzing rituals. The author says that rituals are usually done for their cultural ceremonial value, emphasizing on the importance of the ritual’s representation and less on what it’s supposed to do or be physically. The example of the author’s boyfriend’s mother was very important in regards to understanding rituals and how they are seen. The contrast of how what humans do as families in regards to family routines being not so special rituals were interesting. I think that it all depends on the person’s point of view, if that person is willing to look at everyday motions as a ritual, then they may not be that special, but if that person thinks of rituals being something special and keeps routines as just routines then rituals could or should be more special to that individual. That being said, both points are valid and should be taken into account when thinking about this ordeal. It depends on the cultural importance of different rituals, because certain everyday rituals can be considered part of a person routine, like prayer, or reading of scripture before bed.

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