Is Culture Concise?

In this article, “We know popcorn goes ‘pop’ but can culture ever go ‘snap’?,” we see a term called “stretched culture.” This term is referring to how people perceive most and every action of a person to be based on where they live. Our first example of this comes when Elizabeth P. Challinor describes her experience her conversation with a doctor that she is assisting. In this conversation the doctor tells her that one of her patients, a Cape Verdean woman, had recently given birth and had refused to the hormonal implant that the doctor was going to give her. The doctor then exclaims “Is this culture or what?” This doctor assumed that this woman had made this decision based on her cultural background, but is it really correct to do so?

There are so many people that assume peoples actions based on their cultural background from their area, most people do without even noticing it. In this article Elizabeth Challinor visits Cape Verdean, and is wondered by the way that the people can move their bodies in such rhythmic ways, and she is even more surprised that her Angolan friend, who has lived in Portugal most of her life, tells her that she no longer knows how to dance. She implies here that culture is reproduced through action, like the dancing of the Cape Verdean people. In this article we can see that. Cape Verdeans are in a location where different cultural beliefs and practices come into contact with each other, and the culture isn’t necessarily defined of the area, but rather not concise. – Elizabeth P. Challinor