Myths about Dieting and Obesity- a fan of Fatty McGhee

In the blog post by Dustin (Oneman) called “A Thin Hypothesis About Fat People” he talks about a blog called “Ampersand at Alas” that verifies and disproves the myths surrounding obesity and dieting. The post highlights that the Diet industry is a $30 billion dollar industry-“making it bigger than Hollywood, pro sports, even porn”. This post insists “that losing weight — any amount of weight, at any time in your life — significantly increases the likelihood of death” and provides evidence to support this statement.

The post states that “at virtually every age, people with a BMI in the mid-30s to 40 range have about 60% lower mortality than those determined to be “healthy” by life insurance company charts”.


The post also touched upon how obesity is perceived and acted upon in Western society, particularly on the dating scene. They write about how many people today are steadily increasing in BMI as compared to counterparts from previous generations and call this trend, “the body achieving its ideal form in an environment characterized by abundance, both natural and political. The thinness of American elites, then, may not be so much a matter of being better able to afford to be healthier, but rather the reverse — being more able to afford being less healthy”. 

The post ends with “The American reversal of what seems to be a deeply-embedded biological tendency takes on a different character in light of the research presented by Ampersand.” and the leaves it’s readers with the Theory that “In a society where the norm is already at odds with its own conception of normality — well over half of us are clinically overweight — it is hard to imagine that a continued belief in the immorality of fat is sustainable.”

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